FAWM Album 2017 available on BandCamp



This year’s FAWM album is up on BandCamp where it is selling like hot cakes… if hot cakes sell at a rate of about one per month!


I did a vid! Luis Martinez brings us the Drumer app I have been waiting for! Awesome work


FAWM Nearly Here !! Manifesto

Manifesto for FAWM 2017

This year I am going to create an album based on the idea of mutants and mutation.

In terms of structure and toolset intend to add vocals to my usual collection of movie samples. This means singing. By me. I apologise already. This will pose some interesting problems however – I generally do all my music making on the bus to and from work, my use of electronic instruments and movie samples is as much a reaction to this restriction as it is a creative choice. If I want to sing then I will need to add the voice when I am at home, in my noisy, child infested, privacy free house. Whether this is actually possible remains to be seen.
I have picked up a microphone for my ipad in the hope it will improve my chances.
I would also like to add some real guitars to the mix too.
My songs get too long, so I am imposing a 4 minute 30 second limit. My FAWM stuff is always pretty free of clutter but just in case I am also imposing a 8 track limit in my DAW.

Thematically I expect things to turn out with my usual mix of extremely dark and serious material mixed with extreme silliness and flippance. As usual the darkest sounding music will have the most silly subtext and the overtly lighthearted tracks will probably have a completely sombre subtext.

Virsyn’s new app- ReSlicer

FAWM 2017 – The Search Continues

So, when I last wrote, the theme of “Should” was proving to be unhelpful.

I decided to draw out a mind map of all related ideas and of my obsessions/interests to see where the intersections might suggest something more promising…


I remember an old piece quote about Japan being a shame based culture whereas western cultures were guilt based, the point being that the inhibitors on behavior are external in Japanese culture, and internalized in western culture, this led me to consider surveillance technology might be changing this dynamic, and how public shamings on social media might be pushing a more shame-based culture in a largely secularized west. I considered how the ubiquity of cameras, both personal (in the form of phones) and public (in the form of cctv) might be forcing a two tier control mechanism on people, both the legal and the social.


philosopher v2

it was quite interesting

Then I though – Nah, sod it, that is way too poncey to fly. My first ever song was about a nuclear mutant, I am obsessed with retro scifi, lets do an album about mutants. And radiation. Radioactive Mutants.

mutantCxQLfLgWQAAw1ji.jpg large

Happy now. This will be fun!

FAWM 2017 – the search for a theme

OK, so here we go again. My 5th FAWM.

In previous years I have found it helpful to have a theme to work with. Last year was Advertising and particularaly the adverts that have found their way into my psyche and lexicon. The year before that it was children’s TV from my youth. Both of these themes were useful in that they provided me with a mass of samples I could use and a theme/mood for each track.

This year my brain decided, about halfway through a very drunken Christmas period, that this year’s theme would be the word “should”.

“Should” is about the most annoying and pointless word in the language, it has many meanings so vague that the dictionary has to resort to context examples rather than definitions, and is largely used to nag, shame and cajole people in a very┬áirritating way. However, while I think this is a great theme for a larger piece of work I think it lacks the immediacy and utility required for a FAWM theme. Unfortunately my brain has imprinted on this like a duckling and I am finding it hard to shake it off..

I tried to expand this out to include a broader theme of shame and shaming as “should” is, in essence, an attempt to shame someone into complying with your will.

Implicitly “should” includes the suppressed premise that the action being proposed is self evidently correct and you are at fault for not performing said action. This is a richer vein of material as shame, and shaming, is used in many arenas these days in lieu of debate. Rather than engage on actual issues it is common for activists and zealots of various types to state, rather blandly, that disagreement with this or that proposition is evidence of a certain unacceptable condition, and therefore those disagreeing are racist, sexist, inadequate, unmasculine, unfeminine (or masculine or feminine), anti-whatever, islamophobic, fat shaming, bigoted etc etc etc.

Anyway – this is also a weighty topic and not really useful as a FAWM theme. In fact now that I have written it down it seems even less useful as a FAWM theme.

I am going to go out for dumplings (in defiance of my diet) and see if I can come up with something a bit more practical.


FAWM is coming!!

FAWM 2017 is coming! Whoo hoo. My 5th year


the story so far:

Soundcloud pro account. https://soundcloud.com/pantsofdeath

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Last year’s FAWM page https://soundcloud.com/pantsofdeathfawm2015

First Year’s FAWM Album “Defawmation”: https://soundcloud.com/fawm_pantsofdeath

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