Monthly archives: October, 2010

More Lost Things

I found an old backup drive containing the Rugrets project I was working on last year – I have put them in the links on the right

Found some of the lost things

Found some of the lost bits from before my host died. Most importantly Rugrets which I will dump into a couple of pages and put a link on the right…

Also these:

Racist Toothpaste

I arrived in Istanbul a couple of weeks back and discovered I had forgotten my toothpaste. I managed to buy some (disgusting apple flavoured) stuff in the lobby, but imagine my shock when I saw this on the tube – Racist Toothpaste!  Check out the ideal Aryan family group. I can’t wait to try their Jew-free mouthwash.

Another attempt to revive pantsofdeath

As you will know, being avid followers of pantsofdeath, my old host went bust and so you have been looking at a 2007 copy of the website for about 4 months. This is because I am lazy or, more accurately, I would like to be lazy but am too busy, but were I to have a moment when I  could update pantsofdeath, I would probably be too lazy.

Sadly having children has sucked much of the creativity out of me…

Welcome to the New Pantsofdeath – I am still a wordpress novice so things might look crappy for quite a while.

New AIOTM (AIOTM!) comes out today – I am very excited and am celebrating with a cumpkin cartoon,  as in-jokes go this is pretty “in” so for those of you who don’t get it go and listen to the 20 hours or so of AIOTM and all will be explained…