Monthly archives: March, 2012

Big Rubbery One

No Gary, please, no!!

Ever since I got my ipad I have been spending my commute to work recording music. This is a Good Thing and makes me feel slightly less dead than usual, however increasingly I am noticing that Gary Numan is possessing me and forcing me to re-hash his hits of 1978-1979.
This is now becoming a battle of wills, I try to record some slamming piece of IDM, or EBM, or Industrial Trance or somesuch and then Gary says “give it a bit of a melody, something catchy, over 8 bars” and I give it a go, and then Gary says “choose a nice sound for that, no, not that one, nope, nope, nah, no, aha that one” and I choose the big buzzy detuned synth pad, and then I listen back and think “Hand on, that sounds exactly like something off the 1979 album Replicas, the first album I ever owned”.
At this Gary says “No mate, it’s just the synthesizer sound, that’s what electronic music all sounds like” and I say “Bullsit Gary, I have been listening to electronic music for the last 30 years and it has moved on a bit!”. “Mix it down, you know you want to” says Gary “it’s cool, you can claim it’s an homage, or that you are looking for a retro sound”.
“No no, it’s not right, you can’t make me” I weep, but Gary is a harsh task master.

Maybe I can make the whole thing a bit Australian and nobody will notice. That could work.
“Our cobbers’ electric”? “Utes”?