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Oh Dear – I have been very slack with my posting – this is a mass post for FAWM tracks 6-11

What Happened to my twenties? FAWM 5

Been meaning to use this sample for ages!

FAWM 4. Baby Jesus Butt Plug

So I spent an hour or two noodling about with acid basslines and seekbeats trying to get a groove I could work with and nothing was coming together so I spent a bit of time mooching about for samples on youtube, looking for rants. Rants are always a good source of material, a few links in I noticed this video in the list on the right and I right there from the title I knew I had my sample.

Added the drums and main stems in Alchemy. Transferred it all over to loopy. Added the pitch shifted guitar samples and alchemy wobbly synth bits, ran some of it through Turnado to perk it up and then moved the whole lot across to Nanostudio with the vocal. Arranged the stems and chopped the vocal. Finally added the Animoog line which I had processed through swoopster to an eden synth and chopped it into 16 and used the resulting snippets to add colour.

Samples from this YouTube vid –
Baby Jesus butt plug available…hp#babyjesus

Incidentally the whole Baby Jesus Butt Plug thing strikes me as being peculiarly catholic, nobody eroticises their religion like the Catholics…



FAWM track 3

I was babysitting last night which gave me the opportunity to put this together… mad bass…

Not sure what to do today – I have 3 sets of stems hanging about in Caustic and one in Gadget, also noodles in a bunch of other things… none are really songs…

Fry succinctly makes a point I am constantly banging on about (and does it much better – obviously) whenever “proper” electronic musicians sneer at those of us who use an ipad to do our stuff. If I were to have bought all of the synths and equipment I have on my ipad back in 1990 when I was using real hardware it would have cost me hundreds of thousands of pounds, millions possibly. Even the soft synths and VSTi’s available on desktop platforms cost, per synth, maybe 10-20 times what the ipad equivalent would cost. Of course people who have invested their hard earned cash are going to be naturally disparaging of the new medium. I think it is exhilarating and exciting that for a couple of hundred bucks someone can go out and buy an android tablet and a copy of caustic3, or for $350 they can get an iPad mini and some great apps, and make music that 20 years ago would have needed an advance from a record company and serious studio time. THAT is democratization my friend. But the salient point, as Mr Fry says, is that you still have to have the music inside you, you still need to be able to express something. That is the magic ingredient no amount of equipment will change. That is why the current iOS music scene is so thrilling, because people who DO have something to say musically are no longer constrained by money, or time, because the portability of the medium allows us to claw back the hours from our commutes and waiting rooms.

FAWM track 2

I have been listening to some of my older stuff over the weekend (from mid 2012) and I think that is reflected in the groove here… I put down all the stems in loopy on Saturday night while drinking beer in bed (I am nothing if not a disgusting slob). Sourced the sample this morning and arranged the whole thing on my bus ride into work. So far so good. I am supposed to be babysitting tonight so planning to get a track done then – I need to keep ahead of my deadlines. I have two tracks worth in caustic but I am unsure how to proceed with either of them at the moment as they both need some vocal/sample work added and I can’t do that in caustic… or at least I don’t think I can….