Monthly archives: January, 2015

FAWM 2015!


So it’s that time again. FAWMbruary.

The month of FAWM.

FAWMidable challenge that it is.

This year I plan to do an album dedicated to the terrifying and nightmarish TV programs of my childhood, the products of Acid addled brains of the 60s BBC staff, narrated in clipped received English, Filmed in a shed and watched on crappy black and white TV sets. Back when there were only three channels, well… two if you were middle class (ITV? No no darling!) and they only showed programs for a few hours a day. Children’s programming was a few minutes at lunchtime and an hour or so after school. The rest of the time we had the test card, which my friend Fergus and I would dance to for hours on end.


Ah test card, how I miss you, with your creepy little girl, and horrible limbless clown, stuck forever in stalemate on the blackboard.

New Albums released on Bandcamp!

First up is a collection of my dereliction tracks



Sean over at iOSMars did me a great review here:

The second is my 2014 FAWM album:

Some More Cartoons



I have a small crack in the corner of my ipad screen – it is only on the bezel and effects me not one bit – I am heartbroken about this however.