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FAWM is over – here comes the FAWM Hangover!!


FAWM is over, for me anyway – managed to do all 14 tracks in 17 days. On the whole I was very happy with this year’s efforts. One of the things I like best about my FAWM work each year is the pared down minimalist sound that I get. I am generally very bad at minimalism, but the constraints of FAWM lead to to create songs that have “just enough” going on. For me that usually means 2 drum parts, a bass part and two leads. Effectively I write songs for a 4 part band, with drum/bass/rhythm guitar/lead guitar combinations… but all electronic of course. I started the month using my “traditional” synth/drum apps, then went through a few tracks using Korg Gadget plus a couple of guest synths. The last 4 or 5 tracks are different, I started using iMPC pro and came up with a workflow on that app that suited me well, effectively creating 5 or 6 parts on there consisting of drums, fx and some bass. Lead synths and pads were added later in Loopy.



As usual I am now utterly spent creatively… my musical libido has dropped to nothing. Well, that is not quite true, I am still coming up with stems and ideas but cannot find the motivation to do anything with them. I am still interested in music but cannot get a musicboner… I have a FAWM hangover. Having gone through this twice before I am less distressed than usual at my sense of ennui, inability to get it up musically and general malaise.

Strangely the most popular track of the album so far has been “Now then Now then Burn in Hell”, but that probably means nothing, the mass of music FAWM produces often means I get relatively low listening figures on FAWM track, so far only the first track has broken 100 listens, but over the year I expect a couple of hundred more. This makes sense as I have failed to listen to the work of most of the people I follow through lack of time. Anyway – for my money the best track on the album if Naughty Naughty Hartley which I think is really good!

FAWM Track 14

It is a popular urban legend that The characters in Captain Pugwash have dodgy double-entendre names, oft cited are Master Bates, Seaman Staines, Roger the Cabin boy and Loveabigfatcockupthearse the quartermaster. None of this is true of course, the only name similar to any of these is Master Mates. It should be noted however that Captain Pugwash appears to have a cold, or a severe adenoid condition, that makes it hard for him pronounce the name.

FAWM Track 13

hot girl on cloth cat action “Emily Loved Him”

an iMPC Pro jam – finally figuring out how to use that app!

FAWM Track 12


So the second of this album’s “Bagpuss” trilogy.. This one was done on my phone by the massively talented Sokpupit and then the NanoStudio project was emailed to me and I added some more parts, the vocal samples and arranged. The original rhythm part is Yellofier, there is a bassline from Addictive Synth and i forget where the rest is from. The extra heavier drums are NanuStudio and I think there is some Eden in there too…

FAWM Track 11

A quick and weird Alchemy noodle (mainly me checking that all my bundles had made it to my new ipad intact) with some PPG Wavemapper sounds over the top. All a bit discordant but I liked the result. Samples from BBC TV program “The Herbs” which combines the classic BBC received English accent with slightly surreal stop motion animation. They don’t make ’em like that anymore.

FAWM Track #10

Fuck my Big Black Ass

Celebration of big hunks of rubber you can have sex with – Last year I marked Valentines day with the tear jerking ballad “Baby Jesus Butt Plug”. this year I thought I would stomp down hard on the Romance pedal and accelerate all the way to lovesville with this. Another sex toy review set to music, this time for the groundbreaking “Fuck my big black ass”, the brown version of the original “Fuck me silly”. The video review here did a few circuits on Facebook last year not so much because of the bizarre lifesize torso/ass thing but because of the style and delivery of the review. Awesome.
Uh – the music, well a WR6000 jam for the main groove and then some photophore pieces improvised over the top. Two train journeys.


FAWM track 9

This may sound like it was easy to do. I thought it would me. The idea was simple I thought – I want to take the Makka Pakka song from “in the night garden” and make it all dark and surreal and psychedelic. I know this project is all about the bizarre programs from my childhood but any parent who has, in the last decade, woken with toddlers at 5.00am with a raging hangover and sat in the cold and the dark watching CBBC will know that kids programs today can be pretty bloody freaky too. Maybe none more so than In the Night Garden which is just horrifying.
Anyway – I got the sample, ran it through CSGrain, ran it through Sector, ran it through Gliderverb and Apesoft’s Reverb and ApeFilter and Samvada and Turnado. I added synth lines, I did Vocoding, I took away synth lines, I deleted Vocoding, I tried a dozen drum pieces. I put together 6 or 7 distinct sections, hated them all, started again, hated them all, started again. Wiped the slate clean. Started a new piece, found myself blocked (because of the unfinished work) started again from scratch with the samples and put this together. It is close to what I originally intended… maybe I will re-do it after FAWM…

FAWM track 8


Almost forgot the Magic Roundabout as there is a hideous remake abomination polluting the minds of the young today, but the original was brilliant. Bought from France, overdubbed without any idea what the original script was about, featuring a whizzy dog slurping sugar from his sugar stash and a rabbit who was stoned off his head. Awesome maaan.
This was an iElectribe Jam, I had added a bunch of stems, in fact I had almost finished the track, when I though “OMG that sounds like ColdPlay! no way!” and deleted everything except the original iElectribe part and started again. Built it up in the usual way, remixed the drums using Sector for the middle 16 bars. Added Dougal. Done!!

FAWM Track 7

Finally! Did the Zippy track. Decided to ditch the abrasive industrial theme for him and go for nosebleed breakbeat instead. jammed a fairly simple breakbeat in LaunchPad, Then I created a very simple bassline in Figure, Ran the bass line through Sector, after a fair amount of tweaking was getting a bassline I liked. Ran 16 bars of it through Tonestack, and then did the same with the breakbeat. Added an organ piece with module, then deleted it and did a clav bit instead… on and a solo with Animoog… and some module brass… and some other bits… and then some quality Zippy!

FAWM Track 6

This was going to be a captain Pugwash track. The tune started off as a Gadget jam, i added the melody lines using laplace. Arranged the tracks and then decided Pugwash was the wrong vibe so used my Bagpuss samples instead…