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Dare to fail! 

Viewpoint: How creativity is helped by failure

Dare to fail

Non STR Cartoons

Some Crazy Foo was talking jibberjabber about whether to buy Patterning or another app – I mean… really! IMG_6110-0.jpg

How we will all end upIMG_6007-0.jpg

Patterning or another app…. hmmIMG_6108-0.png

This happened


I have been quite excited by the release of VirSyn’s new synthIMG_6140.JPG

It is a cruel joke that nature played on us! Curse you God for making me this way!!IMG_6026-0.jpg

Animoogy cartoon!


More cartoons from the STR


image-1024x1024 (1)  image1-719x1024 image2-719x1024 image3-1024x719 image5-1024x719


Posts I have done over at the recently 

File-11-11-2015-1-20-27-pm1-1024x975 – Whole bunch of free Patterning kits here

File-27-10-2015-11-39-49-am-1024x719 All in One music apps

Onesie in praise of Presets