So, when I last wrote, the theme of “Should” was proving to be unhelpful.

I decided to draw out a mind map of all related ideas and of my obsessions/interests to see where the intersections might suggest something more promising…


I remember an old piece quote about Japan being a shame based culture whereas western cultures were guilt based, the point being that the inhibitors on behavior are external in Japanese culture, and internalized in western culture, this led me to consider surveillance technology might be changing this dynamic, and how public shamings on social media might be pushing a more shame-based culture in a largely secularized west. I considered how the ubiquity of cameras, both personal (in the form of phones) and public (in the form of cctv) might be forcing a two tier control mechanism on people, both the legal and the social.


philosopher v2

it was quite interesting

Then I though – Nah, sod it, that is way too poncey to fly. My first ever song was about a nuclear mutant, I am obsessed with retro scifi, lets do an album about mutants. And radiation. Radioactive Mutants.

mutantCxQLfLgWQAAw1ji.jpg large

Happy now. This will be fun!