Manifesto for FAWM 2017

This year I am going to create an album based on the idea of mutants and mutation.

In terms of structure and toolset intend to add vocals to my usual collection of movie samples. This means singing. By me. I apologise already. This will pose some interesting problems however – I generally do all my music making on the bus to and from work, my use of electronic instruments and movie samples is as much a reaction to this restriction as it is a creative choice. If I want to sing then I will need to add the voice when I am at home, in my noisy, child infested, privacy free house. Whether this is actually possible remains to be seen.
I have picked up a microphone for my ipad in the hope it will improve my chances.
I would also like to add some real guitars to the mix too.
My songs get too long, so I am imposing a 4 minute 30 second limit. My FAWM stuff is always pretty free of clutter but just in case I am also imposing a 8 track limit in my DAW.

Thematically I expect things to turn out with my usual mix of extremely dark and serious material mixed with extreme silliness and flippance. As usual the darkest sounding music will have the most silly subtext and the overtly lighthearted tracks will probably have a completely sombre subtext.