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  1. Marc says:

    Hi, this comment is for the Auria review, I saw it is closed but I wanted to add this one. Thank you.

    for those wondering “Cubasis or Auria?”, the answer for me is clear: run away from Auria! Why? I bought Cubasis few months ago and never got any trouble handling large tracks files, even recorded via Audiobus with other applications opened in the background, it works solid. A friend told me Auria is better, I bought Auria and that’s where the nightmare started: I readed all the 267 pages of the user guide (while Cubasis is so easy you don’t need to read anything), and found myself asking all the time ‘how to do this?” because Auria is not self-explaining and horribly designed. Now to the worse: it crashes every twice on three recordings. I do not even use effects, I use only two tracks, and it crashes. When reading the user guide, Auria’s people say in many pages “do not use too many effects”, “do not use too many tracks when doing this”, “do not overload the CPU”, etc. And you think this, as advertised, can work with 48 tracks, multi-effects, when it crashes already with two simple synth tracks, no effects added? What a joke, if even in the user guide, Auria’s people mention not to use it full! I’m not a beginner, I of course killed all opened apps, rebooted, even re-installed Auria, nothing does, and recording is a stressful moment for me (will it crash, will it crash? Oh please don’t crash…..) while as I say, Cubasis works perfectly. Also, Auria is badly designed. You for instance want to work with two tracks, you got eight tracks automatically on screen and to see the master, you need to orient your Ipad differently. Try to fade in and out without having the finger “glued” to the track: absolutely mad moments. think the memory usage is badly handled with Auria, while Cubasis got it right. I regret Auria and am currently asking the reimbursment of it to Apple Store. Recording with it can not be trusted. I read some people buy it for the effects and prior record in another application, but this for me is like having a car and taking a bus for a part of the ride! Have a good day,

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the comment Marc!

    • Jamis says:

      Same story about Auria and CB…now CB2. I am so disappointed in Auria and desperately want it to work as seamlessly as CB has fir three years with less than five errors. With Auria I can gave 5 errors (whether they be crashes or other buggy shit) in ONE song. I’m using Bitwig in the PC and it is incredaballistically good. Modulate anything with anything at any time for any reason. It’s automation is other worldly. But I prefer my darling iPad. Especially when using my guitar or drums. It’s just so easy. Soon we will have the depth of a PC on these things but until then, please don’t give 5* reviews for music apps that work, or 1* for an app you can’t get to work…not you Mr.Death…this is a generic message of ridicule to those who would give 5*

      • Jamis says:

        Pressed SEND by accident again. 5* reviews tell the developers that we are fine being second class musicians. Shouldn’t we want similar levels across the platforms? It sort of happens if your name is Simon or Vladimir and know computers better than their own toilet wall paper. I have white paint in my bog! Some apps are super (and maybe 5*…CB2, Audiobus definitely, 4 1/2 for the rest.Flux fx and a Sugar Bytes app maybe and Caustic and Gadget and maybe Yonacs Tone Stack). But I want what due in the future to hurry up. It would be here now if it wasn’t for greed. Like so many things…One Direction included I guess. That’s maybe a bit harsh on some devs but I am impatient. And also a massive idiot. Cheers for the videos mate. Very helpful. I’m on the Dhalang at the moment. Thus looks like it volutes get a 4 1/2. Someone called FireJan82 rates apps which is fine. But in maybe A HUNDRED app reviews, she has NEVER given anything but 5*. That has cost me money in the past. Often in the reviews, an app will get 5* from someone. Who then goes in to moan about no Audiobus or too short an arpeggiator. Well it’s not 5* then is it!! I’m a musician and I am allowed to get angry! I think? Hope you see my meaning. It pisses me off for some completely inexplicable reason. I’m on SoundCloud with loads of old stuff made entirely in my iPad with an original and guitar occasionally under “Beethoven’s Ghost”. If you want yo hear some weird industrial rubbish.

  2. Duke says:

    Thanks for the positive comments about Seekbeats. I had stopped buying drum apps as I felt I had enough but Seek is something special. Also, I watched Shawn of the Dead for the second time last week. If I my suggest just a touch of blood on your face, just in the spirit of the movie……Duke

  3. Al Glass says:

    Good news
    Stochastik is back, updated for ios7! Alive and kicking.

    • admin says:

      Hi Al, yes thanks, half the ios community rushed to tell me when it updated, and the Dev, anyone would think I made a fuss about it! šŸ™‚

  4. Marcus says:

    Hi, I’m from the iOS group and was just reading the great posts here. But I’m wondering how you came up with the name pod??
    Thanks for everything!

    • admin says:

      Hi Marcus!

      Pantsofdeath started life as an email address back in 1999, but people liked it so much I renamed my webcomic “the sexy pants cartoon page”… And the name lived on.

  5. Perry says:

    There is an new ipad music app called Dhalang. It is very complex music making app that has me quite confused and I haven’t found a proper user manual yet. I wonder if you know anything about it or plan to check it out. The interface is several pages of very small controls. I am wondering if it is worth the time to conquer the learning curve. You are great at evaluating apps, so I would appreciate some feedback and/or a video on it.
    Do you have an email address I could use instead of this interface. I won’t bombard you with crap.

  6. richard says:

    not sure where else to do ment but i have downloaded all your patterning drumkits. they are brilliant and very usable!thank you mr pants

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